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Health Promotion Entities (EPS):

To gain access to social security benefits in Colombia one must be affiliated to an EPS whose function is to organize and secure, directly or indirectly, the provision of the health services found in the POS (Compulsory Health Plan). There are two forms of membership in the system through the subsidized contributory schemes.

EPS’s are in charge of the administration of the IPS (health institutions- hospitals). They work with both the contributory and subsidized regimens

  1. Subsidized System: Designed to benefit people who have no ability to pay. Their purpose is to subsidize the health services provided to the people that can’t afford to pay. 70% of the Colombian population is part of the subsidized system.
  2. Contributive System: This system works with the mandatory contribution from all legal employers and employees. The contribution is 12% of the worker's salary, of 1% is transferred to the subsidized regime. From the total of 12%, 4% is paid by the worker and the remaining 8% is paid by the employer. Self-employees must pay 12% and retirees 12.5%.

PREPAID MEDICINE: Private medical insurance covers a very small percentage of the population. One must be affiliated and pay monthly plans in order to get coverage.


Are hospitals, clinics, laboratories and clinics that provide health services. They can be public or private. They are classified in levels of complexity according to the type of services they can provide. There are three levels of complexity: low, Medium, High.

Low complexity: Most of their operations and activities have to do with disease prevention as well as medical and dental consultation. Medium complexity: Provide basic care. Has specialties such as pediatrics, general surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics and gynecology and a 24 hours ER, they also provide some outpatient.

High complexity: Includes specialties such as neurosurgery, vascular surgery, pulmonology, nephrology, dermatology, etc. has specialist care for 24 hours, consultation, ER, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, special units such as intensive care and renal unit. Their services include treatments considered to be high cost in the POS.

According to a study by the Ministry of Social Protection the market is divided into:

  • Low complexity: 84.3%
  • Medium Complexity: 13.4%
  • High Complexity: 2.3%