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Ideal in itself, perfect in combination.

It’s easy to set. Color temperature can be adjusted as needed. Even the light field geometry can be adapted to match the operating field. And there are no disturbing color shadows at all – because the light is mixed at the source, right inside the “light engine.

KLS Martin offers you two different light series based on different technologies:

  • MarLux® halogen lights with centriXbeam®

  • MarLED® light series using light-emitting diodes as light sources

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KLS Martin offers two light series that are simply indispensable for physicians working in hospitals, outpatient departments and private medical practices.


KLS Martin's ceiling-mounting supply and suspension systems provide you with all the medical gases needed for patient care, along with platforms allowing you to install your medical equipment as well. Users benefit from the complete freedom with which all components can be moved around in the air, making your staff truly "independent" of cramped conditions and giving them plenty of room to move about.


For over 50 years, KLS Martin has been setting the course for electrosurgery not only to HF generators, but to the extensive range of accessories as well.

We offer you a truly extensive range of products: from special HF devices for dentists through units for minor and major private surgeries and outpatient departments to high-end devices for use in operating rooms - practically everything required for state-of-the-art medical treatment.


  • Operating table for all specialties.
  • Orthopedic operating table.
  • Neurosurgery operating table.
  • Gynecology and urology operating table.


  • Up to 7 different wave forms on the screen, with the option to simultaneously view up 12 derivations of EKG.
  • Basic measurements: EKG, Breathing, SPO2, NIBP, HR, Temperature y opcional measurements of IBP, EtCO2 (sidestream, mainstream, microstream), Anesthetic Gases, Cardiac Stress, ST Analysis, Apnea.
  • Storage y Tendency review for up to 7 days.
  • Centralized bidirectional monitoring, wired or wireless, for up to 64 patients.

Monitor of basic vital signs

Monitor of multiparametric vital signs

Centralized bidirectional monitoring, wired or wireless, for up to 64 patients.


Electrocardiographs from 3 to 12 channels. Trismed is always on top of its game in terms of supplying excellent cardiac diagnosis systems and price competitiveness.


  • Bi-directional Vascular Dopplers for ABI/TBI studies with built-in cuff inflator, 30 waveform memory, and USB interface.
  • LCD screen for visualization.

  • Vascular Pocket Dopplers

  • Obstetric Dopplers