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Osteosynthesis and Pneumatic and power units

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Maxillofacial Surgery

Osteosynthesis system TITANIUM LEVEL ONE

    Osteosynthesis system TITANIUM LEVEL ONE
  • 1.0 mm System Micro System, indicated for the upper, and floor of orbit.
  • 1.5 mm Mini System System, indicated for upper and middle facial
  • 2.0 mm Mini System, Suitable for midface fractures, middle and lower orthognathic surgery.
  • 2.3 mm System 2.3 System imaging system for fracture and mandibular reconstruction
  • System 2.7 mm mandibular Reconstruction System
  • Interlock Systems TS LOCK THREAD
    2.0 mm System
    2.3 mm System
    2.7 mm System
  • temporary condylar Titanium Implants
  • Grids for different anatomical structures
  • Plates for Chin advance


Powered SonicWeld Rx ®, offers a revolutionary system for craniofacial surgery, which in turn is suitable for the treatment of pediatric trauma and cancellous bone: it is stable, absorbable and much easier to manipulate than other systems, so saving time and money. Thanks to the exceptional biocompatibility of PDLLA core material (poly DL-lactic acid), the body breaks down waste quickly and without complications


Vertical Distraction
The distraction of the alveolar apophasis determine the mandible and maxilla bone formation. In cases of premature tooth loss after trauma or accident, this is an important preparation for prosthetic treatment. The growth of bone tissue in any case represents an improvement: dental implants are allowed to anchor more safely and also provides aesthetic benefits.

Horizontal Distraction
Allow activation intraoral distraction of up to 30 mm in length, for the growth of bone in the ramus and mandibular body.

Mandibular bone transport, Allows the growth of the mandible and maxilla, up to 60 mm, giving users a degree of flexibility in achieving the curvature of the jaw

Palate Distraction,, The pathology of the upper jaw estenodoncia in growing patients and adults is becoming more common throughout the world. Therefore maxillofacial surgeons, dentists and orthodontists alike seek simple solutions, economic and, in turn, reliable.

Orbito distraction Malar, Treatment of craniofacial malformations and syndromes in childhood is a challenge for any team operating room. Very often there is an underdevelopment of both the middle of the face as the cephalon. In these cases, the distraction can be a highly effective option: the system allows the surgeon to generate an almost unlimited bone growth with simultaneous growth of the soft parts

Hand Surgery


The MOH is an osteosynthesis system of universal application for all the phalanges and metacarpal sector. Thanks to the possibility of freely combining titanium screws 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.3 mm and plate profiles 0,6 / 1,0 / 1,2 mm can be ensured optimal treatment fractures.

  • 1.0 mm System Micro System, indicated for fractures of distal phalanges
  • 1.5 mm System Mini System, indicated for fractures of distal and proximal phalanges
  • 2.0 mm System Mini System, indicated for fractures of proximal phalanges and metacarpal 2.3 mm System Suitable for metacarpal fractures


Previously, callus distraction to correct deformities or after amputation injuries in the hand is performed with an external fixator. Often gave shaft deflections or bending during distraction bone after removal of the fastener due to traction exerted by the scar. The internal distractor fingers of the hand prevents such problems.


The surgeon can choose between two models of screw of the same system, they develop different compression forces (standard or high compression). The exact positioning of the HBS in the bone screw is provided through the use of a guide wire 1 mm thick, making unnecessary the use of a drill guide. Thanks to the completion of specific instrumentation system for endoscopic access, the HBS system offers the possibility to take advantage of internal fixation without accepting the disadvantages of open surgery.


Clinical experience has shown that HBS Mini is the ideal implant for the treatment of fractures of the proximal pole of the scaphoid bone, HBS Mini Screw occupies much less space than the standard implant bone, optimizing the conditions for promoting revascularization healing process.


We offer a wide range of power equipment to cut, drill and ream bones.


Work with dry nitrogen

  • Micro 100, used in Maxillofacial Surgery, Hand, Foot, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery
  • UltraPower, used in neurosurgery
  • PowerPro, used in orthopedic surgery for short and long bones, especially for joint replacements.
  • Two Surgairtome, , specially designed for ear surgery.
  • Esternum saw, used in cardiovascular surgery.


Work through consoles

They are used in neurosurgery, Ear, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hand, Foot, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

They are used in orthopedic surgery of short and long bones, especially for joint replacements.


Work through Rechargeable Batteries

They are used in orthopedic surgery of short and long bones, especially for joint replacements.

It is used in cardiovascular surgery.